Assessment Only Route into Teaching

The AO route is a route to QTS that does not require individuals to complete teacher training.

Who is suitable for our AO route?

Your teaching experience should have occurred in at least two schools and across two consecutive key stages in either the primary or secondary phase, giving you the opportunity to gather significant evidence to show that you meet the QTS Teachers’ Standards. Your evidence will show that you are able to plan, assess and teach to a good standard in your chosen subject or age range/phase and demonstrate that you had full responsibility for the classroom. This teaching experience will need to have been gained across two consecutive age phases selected from the following:

Ages 3-11 (Primary)

Ages 7-14 (Middle)

Ages 11-19 (Secondary)

Anyone teaching in a school that follows the English national curriculum can apply for the Assessment Only route. We will assess your teaching by reviewing your portfolio of evidence and observing your teaching at your current or placement school.

Our Assessment Only route to QTS is available in primary schools, special schools, PRUs and all main secondary subjects in state funded, free schools, academies and independent schools.

Commitment to Safeguarding

All potential candidates are reminded of our shared commitment to safeguarding children in schools. All candidates undergo rigorous background checks and we expect you to fully engage with and adhere to the safeguarding procedures and policies within your placement school including PREVENT duty. We commit to keeping you up to date with all relevant legislation and will rigorously remind you and make reference to how to conduct yourself in order to maintain your own safety and that of the young people you work with in school.

Finance (All fees are subject to VAT where applicable)

  • If your application is accepted, you will be invited to proceed to the Initial Needs Assessment (INA). A non-returnable fee of £750 is payable before this can take place to cover the cost of the interview, lesson observation, interview with line manager, selection panel and general administration

  • Once accepted onto the AO route, there is then a further non-returnable fee of £750 for the Final Assessment visit and a final fee of £1500 for the Quality Assurance visit and Awarding of QTS.

For full details, including Eligibility Criteria please download the Assessment Only Route Summary by clicking here.  To complete an application form, please click here.